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For Adults

Our curriculum is a conversational approach where you are in placed in a class with students of the similar level.

We specialise in small groups providing you the maximum speaking opportunities to practice in a fun and social environment.

Private tuition is also available at our premises or yours. We are also happy to teach your small group of friends.

Our courses include:

French/Italian/Spanish/German/Chinese/Japanese/Others FOR TRAVELLERS (20x1 hour group course) Picture yourself chatting with a local in a shop or a restaurant in the overseas. Build basic travel language skills so that you can talk about the food, the sights, the weather, the nightlife or the shopping, etc.

French/Italian/Spanish/German/Chinese/Japanese/Others LAST MINUTE Language courses FOR TRAVELLERS (10x1 hour group course or 5x1hour private course) Travelling overseas soon? Not much time to pick up any language skills before your trip to the overseas? This intensive course gives you the essential survival phrases and cultural knowledge you need, all in a user-friendly format for complete beginners.

French/Italian/Spanish/German/Chinese/Japanese/Others at beginners’ level (10x1hour group class) This is a 10-hour beginners’ course ideal for people who want a basic introduction to the language and culture and who want to communicate with friends, family members and people met when working or travelling.

French/Italian/Spanish/German/Chinese/Japanese/Others at level two (10x1hour group class) This course is designed to suit prospective travellers or people wanting to interact socially with the language speaking community in Melbourne or those who would like to try their hand at learning a new language for enjoyment and cultural insight.

For the details of different language course curriculum at the different levels, please click below .

French/ Italian/Spanish/German/Chinese/Japanese/English/Others

For VCE/IB students

VCE language course covers all the 4 levels of VCE exam (speaking/listening/ reading/ writing) plus general grammar revision. The course will be taught by our experienced native speaker teachers.

Our learning activities will involve students in communicating in real and imaginary situations

-Oral activities which involve students in interviewing, explaining, commenting, debating and persuading

-Listening activities which involve students in listening for information and ideas

-Reading activities which involve students in reading for meaning and research

-Written activities which involve students in recounting, explaining and persuading whilst adopting and using a range of text types

-Conversation practice sessions

-Practice examinations

For Children

Click here to see our Childrens' course outline

Our rich curriculum, developed by teachers, is filled with a vast array of activities that center around fun and play yet are designed for maximum learning retention. At Language Champs we believe learning is best achieved when a child is being challenged in a fun and participative environment. We have extensive language plans and utilize themes to help organize vocabulary with games, music and activities.
Some of our themes include Body Parts, Where Animals Live, Let's Go to the Market, Dinosaur Dance or Describing Me. We use puppets, colourful visuals, games, movement, music, props and much more to help in the learning process and to make it all loads of fun and enjoyable for your child. It's a natural way to learn a language.

Benefits for Children

• Games-We utilize a variety of engaging games to reinforce target vocabulary and foster excitement and cooperation.
• Storytelling-Effective method that captures children's attention and captivates their imagination.
• Skits-Drama creates emotional attachments, and emotion is the door of learning.
• Colorful Visuals and Props-Children see and touch and participate in activities and have great fun with new and exciting props.
• Music-Songs and rhymes are an integral part of the language process. Music provides many wonderful benefits and helps trigger memory.
• Movement-We move around a lot, playing Simon Says, Stop N Go, and various fun activities.
• Arts & Crafts-The art segments provides opportunities to reinforce colours, counting, sharing, manners and hands-on activities offer children sense of accomplishment.
• Culture-It is vital part of language learning. Children learn about countries, and cultures where the language is spoken and food and daily habits and special activities and events those cultures share.
5-7 year olds. At this age, children are fully verbal and eager to expand their dialogues. We incorporate more skits and games, participatory activities and children have a lot of fun interacting with each other. These classes are very animated. In addition to acquiring new language skills children can be creative, enhance their social and imagination skills through storytelling, role play, movement, age-appropriate games, music and other fun, educational activities. We strive to present new knowledge and skills in ways that are developmentally appropriate and stimulating. The children receive handout materials to complete in last 10 minutes of class time and at home when desired. We do encourage homework, however, it is not mandatory.
7-10 year olds- As with the 5-7 year old group, we continue to utilising age-appropriate activities, children have great fun conversing with each other, acting out skits and playing stimulating games and activities. More reading and writing are incorporated into these sessions. Due to the small groups, native speakers are able to personalise teaching and provide individualised attention to each student.
Benefits to children:
2.5-3 year olds-1 hour A perfect time to introduce your child to language learning. We offer one-hour classes for children at this age and focus on singing songs, playing games and creating simple arts & crafts. This classes build more than language skills. Your child will develop social, physical and attention skills. Our language games encourage motor and coordination skills.
3-4 year olds - 1 or 1.5 hours. Learning takes place naturally as your child embarks on a wonderful language adventure. We utilise colourful visuals, games, arts and crafts, skits, puppets, dramatic play and much more to stimulate and engage your child. The program is filled with activities to develop essential early childhood skills such as imagination, self expression and self confidence explored in creative new ways. Classes are offered in the morning or afternoon.
4-5 year olds- 2.5 hours. A terrific way to immerse your child in the other language classes. Children hear native speakers teaching in their native tongue in each activity. Children will demonstrate their prounciation and speaking strength in the schools.