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Some testimonials:

"Your teachers are fantastic. Max enjoys his kinder Chinese program with Phoebe and my adult class with Rose is extremely beneficial and fun." - Mary Anne

"French VCE was John's best subject and we credit Language Champs with reinvigorating Matt's enthusiasm for his study." Joanne

"Thanks for helping Tim achieve his ambition. He received a great VCE result and has an offer to do Civil Engineering/Management (double degree). We're delighted! French was his highest score."Magaret, VCE parent.

"Isabella loves coming to Language Champs. She wakes up each day asking to go to Italian kinder!" Louise, mother to 4 year old Isabella.

“The interpretation and translation service from Language Champs is always high standard. Our clients are so happy!” Frank, Real Estate Agent

Learning a language is fun and easy!

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Language schools and language classes

Children’s Programs: Our 2.5 hour program for children aged 2.5 - 5 is popular. Our method of teaching makes learning fun, focusing on a young child’s ability to learn a language naturally through fun and engaging activities.

Primary school students’ programs: The students learn the language easy and naturally through dialogues and conversations with our native speaker teachers. The interactive games, arts and crafts, singing and movement presented mostly in the foreign language by native speakers inspire the students’ strong interest to keep on learning.

High school students’ programs: The students have strong interest in the language not only for speaking and conversation but also for cultural exchange. Our teachers are native speakers of the language they teach. As a result, student's ears get tuned to native accents, speech patterns and expressions. Only native speakers know the finesses of every-day language as well as social cultural details that are important in communicating in the language.

VCE/IB language tutoring (All around Melbourne): We are immensely thrilled to bring a high quality tutoring to the students for Italian, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, or Japanese tests. Our tutors are experienced in teaching VCE/IB students to get results. One on one tutoring are more effective and efficient for the students to prepare for the tests. Please ring or email us now to book a trial class.

VCE/IB 1hours conversation class per week: The topics and focus are similar to the VCE units 3-4. The students will practice their pronunciation, intonation and appropriate expression. The classes are designed to improve confidence and fluency of students’ speaking. Small size group class.

School programs: We send our native speaker teachers to local schools to develop the classes.

Adult Courses (Private or group): Learning a second or third language is a rewarding experience. Whether your goal is to travel abroad with ease, communicate more effectively, become more valuable to your business, experience another culture or simply broaden your world view, Language Champs offers dynamic courses with exceptional native speaking teachers.

Express classes for travelling or business: 5x 1 hour private course or 20x 1 hour group course. Fast track your language learning with this course. Specifically designed for those students traveling to another country. Course will focus on ordering in restaurants, going shopping, buying train/bus tickets, or business environment speaking and cultural aspects and advice from native speakers.

Corporate program: Language Champs has conducted specialized programs for businesses. Courses are tailored to suit your business needs. Examples of programs and clients include:
• English course for native speakers from Chile.
• French course for luxury retail jewelry designer.
• Chinese course for manufacturing client doing business in China.
• Spanish 4 office colleagues were planning trip to South America and asked for a Traveler's course held during their lunch hour.
• Italian course for Golf Club members
• German course for the engineers in an IT company
• Japanese courses for high school teachers

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Free Trial lessons available. Ring us at (03) 9555 5355.

Our Difference

Small Classes: 3 to 6 students per class. Personalised Attention!

Qualified Teachers: Most Language Champs' teachers are qualified native speakers with teaching degrees from their native country. Experienced and qualified teachers truly make the difference in teaching and understanding student's learning preferences and strengths.

Low Tuition: We don't sacrifice on qualified teachers. We keep advertising budgets low.

Flexible: Many classes all day, several centre locations or your home or office.

Detailed Lessons and Programs: Language Champs courses have been developed by qualified educators. Teachers follow detailed lesson plans and adjust to student's individual needs. We deliver quality educational programs each and every lesson for students to achieve the maximum benefits.

Take Home Materials: Children receive new workbooks each term. Adults receive homework and handout sheets for extended learning. Music and audio.

Professional Translation and Interpreter service

Australia's preferred choice for translation services

Our translators are professional and have the right mix of:

• Native speakers of the target language.

• Specialized translators by industry.

• Experienced

• Educated and certified

• Client focused

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International Student Program

Discover why there is nothing like Australia

High school application: we provide most efficient and satisfied high school application service for the oversea students. Our schools are among the top schools in Melbourne.

高中学校申请: 我们为海外学生提供最高效最满意的墨尔本高中学校申请, 这些高中包括墨尔本顶尖的私立学校和公立学校. 如果你是一名优秀的申请者,我们将会给你办理奖学金申请.

Study tour program: The international students will join our local primary schools or high schools to have a real experience of Australia education quality.

English program: We develop the special English programs to teach oversea students to use English for Australia slang, culture, sports, food, study, home stay and local living. It helps them to travel or settle down in Australia with ease. The classes will be between July and August or between January to February each year.

Camping program: Camping around Melbourne is very valuable experience for the international students because the nature is the best teacher. Our English teachers will do the special English program and organize the group activities during the camping. So the students will learn English at the same time when they are doing camping activities.